Wednesday, June 29, 2011

July/August 2011 Featured How-to by Vickie Kammerer

• 1 - Stampbord™ 5" x 5" Box Kit
• Zinsser® Bulls Eye® Shellac
• Modern Options - Rust Antiquing Set
• 3M™ Scotch-Blue™ Painter's Tape
• Natural Beeswax
• Hot Plate
• Teflon Pan
• Butane Torch
• Hake Brush or Natural Bristle Brush
• 2-3 Foam Brushes
• Heat Tool
• Sea Sponge
• Copper Letters
• Glue
• Screwdriver for Box Hinges
(Inspired by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch's book "Encaustic Workshop: Artistic Techniques for Working with Wax)

1. Using the blue painter's tape, mask the edges of the Stampbord box lid surface and the top of the box base. Using a foam brush, paint the sides of the lid and the base sides with the Iron Surfacer from the Rust Kit. Let dry completely. Then paint a second coat and let dry over night.

2. Using a clean foam brush, paint a coat of the Rust Antiquing Solution over all of the Iron Surfacer painted surfaces. Let this dry and cure and then paint another coat. If you want a uniform shade of rust, paint subsequent coats with the foam brush. If you want a more random rust finish, use a sea sponge and sponge some areas lighter and some areas heavier. Let each coat cure in between. Repeat layers until you are pleased with the finish. Do not seal. Let the box and box lid dry completely over night after before moving onto next step. 

3. Remove all of the masking tape from Stampbord surface. Plug in the hot plate and heat the Teflon pan. Place several pieces of natural beeswax in pan to melt. While the wax is melting, cover the wooden sides of the box lid with painter's tape. Pre-heat the lid's Stampbord surface by running the heat tool over the surface until it is warm. Using the hake brush, paint a single layer of beeswax over the entire box lid surface then fuse (reheating with the heat tool until surface just appears shiny). Allow to cool. 

4. Paint a thick layer of shellac over box lid with a new foam brush. Let dry.

5. Using the butane torch, burn “spots” into the shellac on the box lid. Do this by first placing the flame directly onto the shellac and when it begins to burn the shellac, pull the flame away when the spot is the size and shape you wish. Repeat this over the box lid, moving the torch to where you want a new spot to be, until you are pleased with the pattern. Let the lid set overnight.

6. Spell out the word "trinkets" with copper letters and glue into place on the front of the box lid. Attach the enclosed hinges to complete the box.